Nokia Siemens Networks покажет IOT сетевого оборудования компании с абонентскими устройствами Qualcomm

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Nokia Siemens Networks покажет IOT сетевого оборудования компании с абонентскими устройствами Qualcomm

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16.02.2009 14:24 От: Датсун

Nokia Siemens Networks showcases LTE interoperability using Qualcomm technology

Early interoperability is key for smooth LTE launches

Nokia Siemens Networks, a leading global enabler of communications network solutions and services, is showcasing the future ultra-high speed wireless broadband known as LTE (Long Term Evolution) at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. The demonstration is 3GPP standard-compliant and leverages infrastructure equipment from Nokia Siemens Networks and LTE terminal technology from Qualcomm, one of the leading chip vendors.

With today’s demo, Nokia Siemens Networks showcases early end-to-end interoperability between two independently developed solutions showing specification-compliant LTE technology in the works between Nokia Siemens Networks’ Flexi Base Station and Qualcomm’s upcoming LTE terminal platform. The demonstration represents an important step closer towards smooth commercialization of LTE technology, as interoperability will be a critical requirement in future commercial deployments. Nokia Siemens Networks believes that joint integration and testing activities will enable it to provide faster deployments for its operator customers’ commercial LTE launches, with significantly lower interoperability challenges.

“Interoperability between infrastructure and terminals is key with every technology, and it is particularly fundamental in such a new technology like LTE. Closer to commercial deployments, Nokia Siemens Networks will be performing interoperability campaigns with all terminal platforms which will be launched in commercial products. We believe that early cooperation with platform vendors like Qualcomm will help us deliver our customers a more stable, high quality end-to-end solution faster”, said Matthias Reiss, head of LTE Radio of Nokia Siemens Networks.
“Operators are looking at use cases beyond the classical computing centric scenarios, and are focusing on new, innovative broadband connectivity markets, such as consumer electronics. With these activities to ensure early interoperability, Nokia Siemens Networks strives to take a leading role in enabling an acceleration of the industry ecosystem and ensuring the fastest path to commercial deployment,” said Matthias Reiss.

Cooperation between Nokia Siemens Networks and Qualcomm began last year and will continue in 2009 with operator trials worldwide. Commercial network deployments are expected in 2010 and beyond.

Nokia Siemens Networks is the forerunner in LTE. A major milestone on the path towards LTE was reached in October 2008 when Nokia Siemens Networks announced it has started shipments of fully LTE-compatible Flexi Base Station hardware. By evolving its Flexi Base Station hardware to support LTE, the company provides a future-proof, easy and cost-efficient path to LTE via a software upgrade. This capability of Nokia Siemens Networks Flexi Base Stations is unmatched in the industry.

LTE will greatly improve consumer experience for mobile data applications with faster response times and improved throughput – latency down to 10-20 ms and peak rates of up to 173/58 Mbps (downlink/uplink). LTE supports mobile broadband access for any applications like browsing, email, video sharing, music downloads and many more applications to respond immediately with no delay.

A live demonstration of standards-compliant LTE technology interoperable between Nokia Siemens Networks’ infrastructure and Qualcomm’s device platforms can be seen on Nokia Siemens Networks booth (Hall 8, 8B157), and on Qualcomm booth (Hall 8, 8B53).

Source: Nokia Siemens Network's press-release

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