Nokia Siemens Networks и LG завершили тесты совместимости оборудования LTE

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Nokia Siemens Networks и LG завершили тесты совместимости оборудования LTE

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Тестировалось совместимость LTE решения NSN в диапазоне 2100 МГЦ (в этом диапазоне будут работать LTE-сети в Японии) и USB-модем производства LG Electronics. В ближайшие месяцы испытания продолжатся в тестовой сети NSN в Espoo и Ulm, а затем в реальных сетях в других частотных диапазонах - 2600 МГц и 700 МГц.

24.11.2009 12:16 От: Датсун

Nokia Siemens Networks and LG complete first end-to-end interoperability testing of LTE

Press Release, Espoo, Finland - November 24, 2009, via

Nokia Siemens Networks and LG complete first end-to-end interoperability testing of LTE

Nokia Siemens Networks and LG have recently completed the first end-to-end LTE interoperability tests in the 2100 MHz frequency band, the spectrum where first commercial deployments are expected in Japan. The successful interoperability tests are another important milestone in the commercialization of LTE.

The first of a series of end-to-end tests were completed with successful data calls, and demonstrated the interoperability of Nokia Siemens Networks LTE radio equipment and Evolved Packet Core network elements with an LTE USB Datacard from LG Electronics (LG), a global leader and technology innovator in mobile communications.

“The availability of commercial LTE terminals and their proven interoperability with network infrastructure are prerequisites for any operator launching commercial LTE services,” said Go-hee Choi, Vice President of LG Electronics Mobile Communication Technology Research Lab. “LG is taking the next giant step towards technology leadership in LTE technology through the partnership with Nokia Siemens Networks, and will continue to collaborate to drive early LTE deployments worldwide.”

As a next step, field trials with LG’s LTE terminal will begin in Nokia Siemens Networks’ test network in Espoo and Ulm, followed by tests in operator networks. The trials will also be extended to cover other frequency bands such as 2600 MHz and AWS/700 in the next few months.

“We are committed to bring commercial LTE to operator networks and a new, faster-than-ever broadband experience for end-users. Successfully conducted interoperability tests takes us another step closer to realizing LTE commercialization,” said Marc Rouanne, Head of Radio Access, Nokia Siemens Networks.

Nokia Siemens Networks is committed to driving the commercial uptake of LTE, starting in 2010, with an end-to-end solution that provides a future-proof, easy and cost efficient path to LTE via a software upgrade only.

The tests covered several steps in end-to-end network configuration based on commercial LTE hardware, including the Flexi Multiradio Base Station, the Flexi NS and Flexi NG evolved packet core products, and standards-compliant software, together with LG’s LTE USB Datacard. They were conducted at the Nokia Siemens Networks LTE center of competence in Oulu, Finland, with support from the R&D team in Ulm, Germany.

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