SPB Software представила SPB Wallet 2.0 для iPhone и iPod


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SPB Software представила SPB Wallet 2.0 для iPhone и iPod

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24.06.2009 19:47 От: Датсун

SPB Wallet Becomes Available from All Local Apple iTunes, Worldwide

St. Petersburg, June 24th, 2009 - SPB Software, world's leading mobile applications developer, announces the availability of SPB Wallet 2.0 for iPhone and iPod Touch from every local Apple iTunes App Store, all over the world. The first multiplatform application from SPB Software, SPB Wallet 2.0 is a secure repository of most valuable private information, such as PINs, passwords, codes, accounts, passport and credit card numbers. SPB Wallet enables users to keep their sensitive data safe, even when they swap phones or mobile platforms: the application is available for iPhone, Windows, and Symbian S60 phones.

SPB Wallet AES 256-encrypts and password-protects all stored sensitive information. SPB Wallet supports automatic lockup, automatic clipboard cleanup, and protects from phishing. The stored data can be synchronized between (and accessed from) multiple PCs and mobile devices. The virtual, electronically stored licenses, cards, and passports look like the real ones: SPB Wallet 2.0 offers an integrated online database with images of thousands of most popular cards and documents, plus the option to order more custom pictograms - for free. The desktop component of SPB Wallet offers advanced integration with web browsers, automatic supply and capture of online login information, includes a password generator, and a migration wizard from custom CSV formats and from other wallet applications.

SPB Wallet for Apple iPhone, Select Features

  • Online gallery of cards, order more for free
  • Cards flip flow -> Rotate iPhone and navigate through cards
  • Password auto fill for websites in web browser
  • Cloud sync with Google mailbox
  • Sync with desktop over Wi-Fi using Bonjour
  • Smart tags to call/SMS/email/etc
  • Password generator and quick search

SPB Wallet Desktop Component, Select Features

  • User friendly desktop interface
  • Import from other electronic wallets and custom CSV formats
  • Sync with multiple mobile devices
  • Sync with file share and Google mailbox
  • User name and password autocomplete for websites in Firefox and Internet Explorer
  • Drag & Drop for card fields into other applications
  • Password generator and quick search

Pricing and Availability

SPB Wallet for iPhone and iPod may be purchased from any Apple iTunes Store for 9.95 USD. The SPB Wallet desktop component may be purchased for 9.95 USD, or a 15-day free trial version may be downloaded at www.SPBSoftware.com.

Further Information and Downloads

SPB Wallet video guide

SPB Wallet screenshots page

SPB Wallet for desktop downloading page

Source: SPB Software

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